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Farm Life 2018

I feel like a whole year has just whizzed past me so I thought I'd sit down and a write a little bit about what we have been doing here on the farm over last year and then I might realise why I feel like I haven't had time to stop!

We have had great support from soo many local people and from far a field and with an ever growing following I thought I would just take you briefly back to the beginning of our farm journey.

Little Fant Farm is managed by me, Sonya, I am the planner, organiser, baker, farmher, make everything look pretty person and my partner Gerry is the solid support behind me, he reminds me ALOT that all is does is just 'plough the fields, cut the grass, repairs the odd table, removes the rubbish' But he also makes the farm look 'pretty' and plays a very vital farming part in Little Fant Farm and growing food.

It is me that takes the photos and updates the social media accounts, although Gerry has now got himself a new phone with a 'better camera than mine' and I'm sure we will soon see some of Gerry's photos on the page too. We both love taking photos, I enjoy trying to capture something very special, Gerry likes to capture me looking not so special!

Our farm is all about what we like doing as a couple, as it takes a lot of work, many many hours of our time and we have to spend a lot of time together so its best we agree on what we do!

Our aim is to be as Self Sufficient as we can, growing our food, recycling what we can, selling what we produce directly to you and trying to keep old farming techniques and traditions going for you to enjoy, take part in (Rent A Pear Tree) and support us by coming to our farm open days and events.

Farm to Table Dinners is a must for 2019, along with Little Farmer Club - details will soon be available, but if you would like to register your interest in either or both, please subscribe to our mailing list or email and I can then send you details directly.

Our first customers came from a hamper I filled with cakes and savoury treats on an honesty table, along with farm eggs, and our farm Pear & Apple Juice, and from that I advertised a few farm open days, started my facebook page and we are where we are today, the hamper and honesty table has been replaced with my Tea Barn.

I miss my honesty table and part of this years plan is to have a small 'Honesty Hut' so we can continue having the farms produce available on a daily basis to those walking past.

As I have mentioned walking, Little Fant Farm is surrounded by public footpaths and just a short walk off the Medway Valley River walk , you can walk from Allington Lock, or from Teston Park if you fancy more of a day outside and fresh air, or make it part of your Sunday run, like the Selfie Sunday Runners of Maidstone. Alternatively we have parking at the farm.

Teston Bridge

This has taken me longer than I thought to write so I will finish this part here and add to it as the week continues.......

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