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Rent a Pear Tree, All You Need To Know.
 Terms & Conditions

2021 Rent A Pear Tree

April 2021 - September 2021

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By renting one of our Pear Trees you are supporting a 40 year old Traditional Farm Orchard and will be tasting fruit at its very best!​

Exclusive invitation to our farm to juice your Pears, take home as fruit juice or make your own Pear Cider!

At least 10 litres of juice!

BUY  Your Rent A Pear Tree Click Here!

  • How Much Does it Cost?​

    •  Renting a Pear Tree is £30 for a Season, which starts from March to October, online purchases will be requied to enter the address of where you would like your Pear Tree Rental Certificate sent.

  • What type of Pears are they?

    • Our Pear Orchard produces Conference Pears, ready for picking from September, which are sweet in flavour and fine and soft in texture, making it the 'Perfect Pear' to compliment chocolate.

  • How will I find 'My' Tree?

    • ​You will be given a number which will corresspond with a Pear Tree in the farm Orchard.

  • Will You Keep Me Up To Date On My Pear Tree?

    • Every 2 months you will receive a Newsletter via email of our Orchard activities and what we have been to doing in the Orchard and how the Pears Trees are progressing.

  • I can't eat all those Pears at once!

    • ​Once picked, the Pears will last through to January if kept refrigerated or in a ventillated Cellar, and even longer if used in Jams or Chutneys. Our favourite is Ginger & Pear Jam.

  • Do I Get Anything Else?

    • Yes!!  Private invitation to :-

      • Blossom Walks in April/May

      • See the fruit forming on 'Your' tree. June/July

      • Juicing Weekend, Pick your fruit and make your own Pear Juice. September.

      • Recipe Cards of our favourite Pear Treats, & Jams

  • Can I visit 'My' Pear Tree Any Other Time?

    •   You can visit  your Pear Tree on any of our other farm open days, (we are open every Sunday and hold other events throughout the year). This may change due to the present situation with  Gov Covid 19 Regulations.

  • I'd Like To Put Something On My Wall To Show My Friends & Family!

    • Brilliant idea! Use your Certificate for your seasonal Pear Tree Rental which we will send out to you.

  • Can I Buy This As A Gift?

    • Of Course! Just let us know the details of who you would like us to send the Certificate too  or  we can post it to you. When you pay online you will be asked to type in a delivery address, please make this the address of where you would like the Certificate sent to. Certificates aren't named so no further details are needed.

  • I'd like to bring a Picnic and sit under my tree!

    • How relaxing and yes! Bring your Picnic AND blanket, our Tea Barn is open as well with hot or cold drinks and freshly baked sausage rolls.

  • Is it just for me or the person I give to as a Gift?

    • You can bring your family and friends but be warned on fruit picking days don't invite too many as they may take all your fruit!​

  • I want my children (and me) to learn about how a fruit tree produces it's fruit.

    • Fantastic! Our newsletters will keep you up to date on what we are doing and why, and when you come to visit we will show you different parts of the Pear Tree and how we prune them

  • Can I Pick The Blossom off my Pear Tree and take it home?

    • NOOO! The blossom makes the fruit and we will do all the 'correct' pruning to ensure your tree produces as much fruit as possible, so no swinging from branches, tree climbing or pulling off leaves!

  • I want to pick my fruit before September can I do this?

    • Your Pears will be ready from  September, they are perfect for juicing or making jams just before they are fully ripe, if you can't make September picking, then come a few weeks later when they will be full of sweet juices. Yum!

  • What if my Pear Tree doesn't produce any fruit?

    • This is very unlikely, but there are always unknowns! If your fruit yield is particularly low we will have other Pears trees which you can pick to add to your Pear Pick but please bare in mind each year's weather and pollination does affect the fruit crop differently. And its not just about the Pears! You have a special place on our farm for you to enjoy aswell!

  • How Do I Pick The My Pears?

Its great fun, we will show you the correct way to Pick a Pear and then off you go, your children will love it! 

  • Is The Fruit Organic?

    • We are not registered officially as an Organic Farm but we do not spray our Pear Trees with any Pesticides, any spraying used to deter the bugs is Organic.

BUY  Your Rent A Pear Tree Click Here!

  • I loved renting a Pear Tree SO much last season, how do I make sure I can do it again?

    • Thank you for wanting to renew your Pear Tree Rental! We will chat about the next season in September when we are making our Pear Juice and I will also remind you by email in October, but don't leave it too long as we will have a waiting list of people hoping to Rent a Pear Tree.

  • I've changed my mind now and don't want to Rent My Pear Tree anymore.

    • We are sorry to hear that, but that is all fine.  If paying online  or by cash you will have a 14 day cooling off period and will be protected by your consumer rights and will receive a full refund if you wish to cancel. No refunds will be given after 14 days from purchase. So please don't come back to us after this time.

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