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Jan 2017 - Little Fant Farm Life

The winter months on the farm can be quite harsh, having to be outside in the cold, wind and rain but much of the farm repairs and Orchard maintenance is carried out in these months, all done by hand.

Now is the time that we hand prune the Pear Orchards, shaping the trees and removing any new growth in the middle of the trees. The aim is to get as much of the fruit growing on the outside and at a low height, which makes picking the fruit a lot easier.

We are also getting ready for our new Rare Breed Pigs, which are Saddleback & Berkshire Cross, the Pig Pen needs to be extremely secure as the Pigs love to dig.

We made a 'Wellie Dog', thank you for your wellie boot donations, please keep bringing your old ones along, we have other ideas!

The Farm Yard Tea Barn has had great support throughout January, we have been lucky to have some glorious sunny winter Sundays.

We have all sorts of visitors turn up!

There is farm admin to do as well and we are busy planning this years events at Little Fant Farm, which we are all really excited about and looking forward to.

Our first confirmed dates are over the Easter holidays.

We will have an Easter Trail for Children, (& Adults) taking you round the farm, searching for clues, looking for eggs and solving riddles and rythmes, Easter Photo Booth, Childrens craft activites, more details can be found on our facebook page or our events website page

Well thats a snippet of January at Little Fant Farm, looking forward to February...... we get our Pigs and the Geese should start laying their wonderful Eggs!

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