Farm Life Contd Jan - Easter last Year

January 10, 2019

Jan 2018


We rented our first Pear Trees last year and had such a great response we are doing it again this year! Our Pear tree rental runs from March to October and was very popular as Valentine and Mother's Day gifts.




Feb 2018



 After the snow at the beginning of February, we built our dry stone wall and created a flower bed. We use rag stone collected from around the farm, hard work but very rewarding.



 Mother's day was always in the back of my mind throughout February and I spent a lot of the time searching through charity shops for tables and chairs, one of my best buys were some Trestle Tables bought from Penzance! Which of course meant a little break  and overnight stay in the West Country. Photograph below is Bideford, North Devon, which I took out of the window as we drove over the bridge.



Then we had more snow and I was starting to get concerned about our Mother's Day  bookings which were about two weeks away. Eating outdoors on the farm wasn't looking very promising.


 March 2018


Well the snow cleared and our Afternoon Tea Mother's Day bookings was lovely, the Tea Barn was open as well for anybody that just wanted to turn up on the day and enjoy some of my home baked cakes and come to the farm.  We will be open again this year for Mother's Day, details soon to follow.


Mother's Day was shortly followed by Frances & Brians' 'History of Maidstone and WWII Display, showcasing their personal collection of War Time Memorabilia.