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'Your Portfolio Career' Workshop Waitlist

You're On Your Way To Building Your Portfolio Career

I have spent many years helping my fellow business colleagues, and friends, giving them ideas, offering support and being their motivator , as well as realising I have experienced a lot of lifestyle and career ups and downs,  and thought how great it would have been if I could of had a 'me'  person popping into my life once in a while to help me along my way, to keep me motivated, give me ideas, encouragement and confidence, so I decided to start my facebook group, which has become very popular, and now will be very soon creating my first workshop 'Your Career Portfolio' 

'Your Career Portfolio'

My first workshop will be giving you ideas, structure, & support on how to build 'Your Portfolio Career' to give you your desired working lifestyle

What is a 'Portfolio Career' - basically you have a variety of jobs, voluntary work, businesses, you do not have just ONE main career. A 'Portfolio Career' is perfect if you want to add your creative passions into your workstyle and earn money from these, a 'Side Hustle' or are just tired of the same job and routine.

I can't promise you an easy route to creating your 'Portfolio Career, but its going to be fun! Its going to be an eye opener! Its going to be realistic! Its going to be achieveable!  Its also going to make you really look at YOU!

AND I hope by sharing some of the business and self improvement tasks  I have done , this will speed 'Your Portfolio Career' journey up for you

Hello! I'm Sonya and I manage Little Fant Farm Tea Barn & Little Farmer Club 


Some of us are 'where they want to be' ....for now

BUT what happens when we find ourselves in a place that we'd rather not be......

Through my own experiences , listening to others and gathering as much info as I can, I would like to show you how to get back to 'where you want to be'

Whether you are looking for Workstyle or Lifestyle guidance...Join my journey


''Even the smallest of changes can make the BIGGEST differences to our lifestyles, careers, business and well being.''

If you are a facebook user I have a popular Workstyle & Lifestyle Group    click on 'Dougie' below

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Help you identify the smallest of adjustments you can make to give you BIG differences in YOUR LIFE

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