March 2017 - Little Fant Farm Life

April 6, 2017

Another month has passed us soo quickly, and with the days now staying lighter longer we never seem to sit down until after dusk which is normally around 8:30pm.


At the end of March the restrictions impossed throughout the Winter on Poultry were lifted in certain areas due to the threat of Bird Flu and thankfully we are all safe here at Little Fant Farm,


and our Chickens, Ducks and Geese were let out of their shelters and able to eat fresh grass again.




















The majority of our spare time has been spent in our new section of the farm, which now makes the total amount of land that we farm just over 18 Acres. This consists of 4 Acres of Pear Orchards,  over an Acre of Plums,


 9 Acres of grassland which we farm for Hay, within it are Wild Meadow Flowers and our new land of 4.5 Acres we are hoping to grow food crops and flowers for pick your own veg boxes, pumpkins and flowers.


The beginning of March saw the arrival of this years Pigs, which always seem to be hungry and are enjoying the farm veg and the freshly cut grass.



Orlando is still up to his old tricks of disappearing into the hedgerow!





And we have Geese & Chickens sitting on eggs, as well as a few in our own incubator which may be hatching any time soon.





 We also had some fantastic news about the development of land behind us, which was refused by the Government and previously Maidstone Councillors on the grounds of the harmful effect any development of that sight would have on the countryside and scenery.


The farm fields behind us are part of the remaining Fant Farm and it would be great to see the land being farmed again as it was last year, now the threat of development has gone.