Sonya’s Barn Bakery

“Bakery Bags Delivered To Your Door!


Savoury Bakery Bag


Cheese Scones Pack of 4 £3

Sausage Rolls £1.80 each 

Beef Mince Pie for one £1.80

Cheese & Caramalised 

Onion Quiche (veg) £2.90


 Sweet Bakery Bag


6” Round Whole Cake £4.50


Victoria Sponge Filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam

1lb Loaf Cakes

Lemon Drizzle topped with lemon sugar syrup  £3.50

Carrot Cake Topped with buttercream & Walnuts  £3.95

Bread Pudding   £3.95 


Pies - Small Serves 1-2                     Scones

Apple £1.80                                        Fruit /Plain Scones Pack of 4 £2.4

Cherry £1.80                                      Bakewell Tart (contains Nuts) £1.50



Choc Chip Pack 4  £1.95 Shortbread x 4  £1.95 

Fun Farm Animal Decorated Cookies x 4 £4


Freshly Baked Bread


Large Uncut Bloomer                                Large Rolls Pack 4


White £1.70             Sour Dough  £2.80   White x 4   £1.60

Wholemeal £1.80   Cob £2.20                   Wholemeal x 4 £1.60

Granary £1.90                                             Granary x 4 £1.60


"For Your Pantry!"


Flour 500g bag                                        Eggs ½ Doz


Plain 500g       80p                                  Chicken 1.50                Local Honey 1lb Jars £6

Self Raising Flour 500g 80p                   Duck 2.50

Bread Flour 500g         £1

Yeast  60g £1



Butter - Unsalted 250g £1.80                     Alpro Soya Milk 1 ltr  £1.80

Milk 2 ltr Full Fat/ Semi £1.65                   Greek Style Yoghurt 500g £1.85

Coastal Cheddar 360g £3.30


Cathy's Homemade Jams, Marmalades & Chutneys  £3.50  (12oz/275ml)


Blackcurrant Jam * Orange Marmalade * Fruity Punch  Marmlade* Caramalised Onion Chutney

Cathy's Homemade Fudge  £1.75  (100g)


Salted Caramel * Dark Rum & Raisin  * White Choc & Cranberry


Owletts Farm Fruit Juice   1Ltr Bottles £2.50


Apple   * Pear   * Apple Elderflower


Selection of  Fresh Fruit & Veg Pick & Choose What You Would like

Fruit Box                                        Veg Box                                                 Salad Bowl

Orange x 4                   £1.20        Potatoes  1kg 70p                              Lambs Lettuce   80p

Braeburn Apples x 4   £1.20       Carrots     1kg 75p                             Tomatoes x6 £1.50

Grapefruit x 1         50p               Baby Sweetcorn Pack £1.15              Yellow Peppers   60p

Strawberries         £ 1.80             Butternut Squash £1.80                   Mini Cucumbers   50p

                                                       Leek (each) 50p                                 Spring Onions  80p  bunch

                                                       Onions x 4 60p

                                                       Garlic 30p each

                                                       Extra Fine Green Beans £1.30 200g


To Place an order for delivery please order through our farm store pagethank you

 Minimum Order £15, plus Delivery Fee £5

Covering Fant * Barming * Allington * Wateringbury * East Farleigh * West Farleigh* Maidstone* Tovil *Coxheath*Yalding*East Malling*Kings Hill

*Larkfield * Snodland, If we haven't listed your area, please let us know where you are and we will do our best to come out to you.

Unfortunately we can only take online payments.We will confirm your delivery date when your order is placed.Thank you


(All products are subject to availability)

Thank you for ALL your support 

Please order your delivery through our farm store page

I will send confirmation of your delivery day,after you have placed your order

Delivery Days Monday Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 

Minimum Order £15, plus Delivery Fee £5

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